Thursday, June 11, 2009

Live Sam Rivers Crosscurrent (Blue Marge 1005, 1981)

A quintessential favorite. This is a Sam Rivers live set at Jazz Unité, Paris, France 1981. This one hits it just right. It's the kind of cerebral funk that I can listen to repeatedly on different levels. I can play it for non-jazz aficionados before dinner, or I can concentrate on it through headphones. I think this is the type of Sam Rivers playing that inspired Steve Coleman's ideas for M-base.

The personnel are Sam Rivers (p, fl, ss, ts, Compositions)
Jerry Byrd (g)
Real Wesley-Grant (el-b)
Steve Ellington (dr)

I stupidly sold my vinyl copy as Blue Marge listed this as an upcoming CD release, but years have gone by and no CD. Oh well, this less than perfect rip still shows what Sam was thinking.



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  2. thanks so much for this! your blog's a total treat -MB

  3. I've missed it in 2009...thank you !