Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Broun Fellinis, Real Moments (Moonshine Records, 1995)

Back in the day, I use to actually get out of the house and listen to live music. The Broun Fellinis were one of my favorites, and I'd catch their gigs at the Elbo Room in San Francisco's Mission District (usually on Thursdays), which at the time was walking distance for me. I took a friend from Seattle there, and he couldn't get over all the "young hip people" grooving and dancing to Jazz. I bought this disc at a gig, it's apparently their debut release. Steve Huey at writes "The Broun Fellinis are a jazz/hip-hop trio hailing from the Bay Area whose members include percussionist Professor Boris Karnaz (born Kevin Carnes), bassist Kirk the Redeemer, and woodwind player Black Edgar Kenyatta. The group has created their own mythology explaining their origins -- they claim to be from the mythical land of Boohaabia, which floats off the coast of Madagascar and is surrounded by the Phat Temple, the Ministry of Imagination, and the Oasis of Surprise, which are all at equal distances from Boohaabia. Further, Karnaz claims that Boohaabia may be reached through the group's music, or perhaps through Kirk the Redeemer's bass cabinet if the pilgrim has brought him some cashews; Karnaz promises that the listener's chair will then sink six inches into the sand and giraffes will appear, ready to take the listener wherever he may want to go. "

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