Sunday, May 9, 2010

Roberto Cacciapaglia, Sei Nota in Logica (Philips 1978)

A serendipitous find, I found this one in the bins at Poo-Bah's records in Pasadena back around 1980. A wonderful recording, it's as if Steve Reich and Phil Glass recorded an early collaboration with an ensemble that mixed electronic and acoustic instruments. Here's a review from the progarchives:

"After the mind blowing and epically majestic first album Sonanze, the prolific and eclectic Roberto Cacciapalia explored diverse musical aesthetics. Before to define his music in more mainstream pop territories in later albums he had a short excursion into classical-minimalist music. Sei Nota in Logica is the result of this transition. As usual it's perfectly achieved with a real sense of harmony and composition. However in term of ideas and musical creation this is not really challenging. Sei Nota in Logica only re-visit recognizable intricate sound patterns released by U.S minimalist researches (I'm notably thinking about the most asceptic parts of Steve Reich's minimal structuralism). The gamelan, the sax and the piano's intertextual moves progress into a peaceful-dreamy envinonement interrupted by suspensfully electronic scintillations. The atmosphere is intimate, percussive and full of short rythmical modules but not quite dense. Sei Nota in Logica is gently calm and decorative without growing into absorbing-lysergic droning waves. Highly recommended for fans of minimalist-arpeggiated musical impressionism (early Philip Glass, Reich and Gibson)."

Amazingly, this resurfaced briefly as a CD. This is from that briefly available CD. BTW, Sonanze is available over at Mutant Sounds.

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