Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Elvin Jones, Very Rare (Koch 198?)

There have been several Elvin Jones releases with the title of "Very Rare." This one was on the Koch Jazz label and featured music from both the Very Rare and Love & Peace albums. Both sets are great, but for me the Love & Peace track "Hip Jones" is the stand out. It's a grooving modern jazz track from 1982 with McCoy Tyner, Pharoah Sanders, Richard Davis and Jean-Paul Bourelly. The first 6 tracks are from the earlier Very Rare release with Art Pepper, Roland Hanna and Richard Davis. The last 6 tracks are from "Love & Peace."

1. Sweet Mama
2. Passion Flower
3. Zange
4. Tin Tin Deo
5. Pitter Patter
6. The Witching Hour
7. Little Rocks Blues
8, Hip Jones
9. Korina
10. For Tomorrow
11. Sweet And Lovely
12. Origin