Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stevie Wonder Beat Club Germany 1974

I stumbled onto this video on the MyFunk website. It's a mind blower as the first two numbers are completely original improvisations and unfamiliar (to me at least). The first is a wonderful gospel tinged piece, and then it gets crazy with a very European sounding jazz fusion blow out. At other times it's hilarious, like at 11:38 when the Les Paul wielding guitarist who looks like a hybrid Slash/goth/glam rocker pulls out the maracas for "Don't you worry about a thing." Awesome grooves, and a good way to spend 30 minutes.


  1. This is great, thanks for posting it! -MB

  2. And guess who the soprano is in the female trio? None other than Deniece Williams!

    The second song is "Contusion" from the album "Songs In The Key Of Life," which would be released two years later from the date of this clip.

    --Charles Duke III

  3. Good post thanks!

  4. This was the best thing I've seen all year. Thanks!