Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ronald Shannon Jackson, Nasty, (Moers 1981)

I'd been searching for this one for years. This is Ronald Shannon Jackson's second recording as leader, but the first where he really hits his stride. Personnel is
Ronald Shannon Jackson, drums; Vernon Reid, electric guitar; Lee Rozie, soprano and tenor saxophones; Charles Brackeen, tenor and soprano saxophones; Byard Lancaster, alto and baritone saxophones, piccolo flute; Khan Jamal, vibraphone; Melvin Gibbs, electric bass; Bruce Johnson, electric bass.
1. Small World (Jackson) 3:20
2. Black Widow (Jackson) 10:18
3. Sweet Natalie (Jackson) 5:01
4. Nasty (Jackson) 5:55
5. When We Return (Jackson) 11:39

1981 - Moers Music (Germany) 01086 (LP)

Recorded March 23-27, 1981 at the Hit Factory, New York City


  1. This less than perfect 128kps rip is the best I've found of this hard to find disc. Thanks to the original poster on Soulseek.

  2. Many thanks, Art! I'm glad to finally hear this regardless of the bitrate!

  3. what heiku said!

    btw, that Jeff Lee Johnson looks interesting ... is there a link that I missed? (very few things on DIW not good for a spin)

  4. Thanks for the good words heiku and hideo. And hideo, check out the comments for the Jef Lee Johnson post. I was slow on that one, sorry!

  5. Always been curious about this release,never thought I would get the chance to listen to it, big thanks.