Monday, June 7, 2010

Tisziji Muñoz, Rendezvous With Now (India Navigation 1034, 1978)

Killer, killer album! This had been previously posted over at India Navigation but it's no longer available there.

For some background, here's a short excerpt that Henry Kaiser wrote on Tisziji Muñoz:

"A warmly sustained and lightly distorted guitar dances fluidly over a modally-inflected, jazzy, piano-bass-drums rhythm section. On the surface, for a few moments, it seems a familiar sound, common to the last 3 decades of electric jazz. Something is truly different here, though. The notes and intervals are somehow different - flying by in patterns that don't seem to equate with any of the normal guitar fingering patterns and the rhythm breathes in some different way that is beyond swinging. Clouds and torrents of lightening-fast notes are just slightly slurred or bent to odd, microtonal intervals that are both different and somehow exactly right for the heavenly musical continuum that they inhabit. The longer you listen - the more you realize that this is something unique; both so familiar and so different at the same time, that you know you had better take some time to figure out what's going on."

Here's a youtube video of a live performance in Boston with Tisziji Muñoz, John Medeski and Bob Moses

Check it out, and then head over to Most everything Tisziji has ever recorded (except this album) appears to be available. I suggest you buy anything and everything you can.

(A note on his website, I was flummoxed and couldn't figure out how to check out. I sent an email and received a very nice reply from Nancy Munoz offering to sell the cds directly through paypal. I was able to eventually get my order in, but don't I don't remember the exact steps. I think I had to click on a particular album and click "Buy now" before I could find my shopping cart.)

Guitar - Tisziji Muñoz
Piano - Bernie Senensky
Bass - Cecil McBee
Drums - Claude Ranger
Percussion and vocals - Clayton Johnston
A1 The Shepherds Chant
B1 Blessings
B2 The Word of God Chant
B3 Waiting for Now to Be Forever



  2. really great stuff--digging it now

  3. Thanks so much for this. I missed it on the IN blog.
    Happy to pick it up now.

  4. drummer is the legendary Claude Ranger, the infamous canadian who vanished completely many years ago.