Friday, February 4, 2011

John Abercrombie, Arcade (ECM 1978)

A nice OOP John Abercrombie recording. Solid playing all around with some of John's signature electric mandolin. While I realize Abercrombie has a large number of ECM recordings, I'm surprised this one remains out of print.

  1. Arcade Abercrombie 9:36
  2. Nightlake Beirach 5:31
  3. Paramour Abercrombie 5:06
  4. Neptune Beirach 7:30
  5. Alchemy Beirach 11:31


  1. Not my rip, thanks to the original poster at soul seek.

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  3. Nice choice! I look forward to hearing it again.
    -JR, Los Angeles

  4. found your blog via a yo miles pilgrimage..found a sanctuary of great other stuff as well..thanks..

  5. I can't believe that these records have been oop for so long. Thanks!