Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pure i-20 iPod dock & dac

I was thrilled when I discovered the $100 Pure i-20 iPod dock and dac. I had been using a Wadia 170i itransport to get a pure digital signal out of my iPod. The Wadia cost me nearly $400, so it was the single most expensive piece of hifi equipment I owned. It also needed an external digital to analog converter ("dac"). The Pure i-20 sounds just as great, costs a fraction of the price and has a great sounding internal dac. It also has both coaxial and toslink outputs if you want to pair it with an external dac (the Wadia only has a coaxial output). The Pure i-20 also has a much smaller footprint, so it pairs up really nicely with a small amp like my Qinpu A-3 or a T-amp to create an inexpensive and minimal audiophile system. I couldn't be happier. This really makes listening to digital music easy and satisfying. An enthusiastic thumbs up!


  1. Looks great. What type of speakers?

  2. I bought a pair of Axiom M3s in 2008. Great bookshelf speaker, and efficient enough to work with a low power tube or t-amp.

  3. Thanks for the review! Off to find myself one now.